About Me
My name is Sara Gottfried and I am a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Children's Yoga Teacher.

Upon completing a children's yoga teacher training in March of 2016, I coined the name, "Stretch Yourself Yoga," stretching your limits emotionally, mentally, and physically. As someone who has worked with children in a variety of settings, I have seen both the successes and struggles that children endure on a daily basis. As a result, I integrate yoga and mindfulness, in creative and unique ways, into children's lives. I believe that with patience, imagination, and creativity, yoga and mindfulness can equip chidlren with the tools neccessary to thrive in the world, emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

But, I believe that adults too can benefit from yoga and mindfulness, which is why I enrolled myself in a 200-hour yoga teacher training. Upon graduating in May of 2017, I strive to provide yoga and mindfulness in a way that is accessible and adaptable to meet all the needs of students, children and adults.

 My yoga mojo:

I teach a strong and powerful Vinyasa flow that focuses on mindfulness and embracing the present moment through breath and body awareness. I work with students to allow the breath to guide them throughout the practice as oppose to their thoughts. Students can expect a different and unique flow each time they step onto their mat. My goal is that students  leave feeling confident, safe, and nourished, emotionally, mentally, and physically.
My Personal Yoga Journey
I often do not think of myself as the typical "yogi." Before starting the practice of yoga, I had a stereotype of what a true "yogi" was. Perhaps, calm, cool, and collected, to say the least. One who simply breathes through life and can twist and turn the body in the most crazy ways. ​​​​​​

I have a type-A personality and live life according to a schedule. I religiously write down a to-do list every Sunday of tasks I need to accomplish in the week ahead. Call me crazy, but I get things done! In high school my anxiety peaked and I encountered some major mental and physical health issues. During that period, I was not myself and could not enjoy life to its fullest. So, after doing some contemplation and research I cautiously stepped into the world of yoga. 

When I took my first beginner's yoga class I felt like the odd one out. I kept looking around to make sure I was doing the poses right and I attempted to put on the "yogi" facade. However, I quickly realized the yoga room is a "no judgement zone," and that everyone is truly focusing on their own practice. After a few classes, I felt “lighter” and more present within myself and the world. Personally, the practice was and still is a way for me to hit pause on what is happening in my life and take an hour or so to slow down and be grateful for who I am, how I am, and what I am. 

Long story short, I fell in love with yoga! 

However, I still do not consider myself the typical “yogi.” I am still an anxious, routined, and type-A individual. I plan my life months in advance (not something I am always proud of), stop everything I am doing to help another out, and never miss a good sale! But, no matter how busy my day is, when I hit the yoga mat, everything else is on pause and I focus on myself. So, no I am not calm, cool, and collected 100% of the time and no I do not magically breathe away frustration, anger, or sadness. But, I do make and take the time to practice yoga so that I can focus on my body, emotionally, mentally, and physically. 
Interesting Facts About Me:
(In no particular order)

  • I am 5'1" on a good day! (Really I am just about 5' but I like to add the extra inch)
  • I am a bit obsessive (ok a lot) when it comes to organization and cleanliness.
  • I find joy and relaxation in organizing anything and everything...I can spend hours!
  • I love to cook & bake but if I see a Whole Foods in my travels I am sure to stop!
  • I run on Starbucks!
  • I may be in college, but I still have trouble with when and where to put commas! (Grammar these days!)
  • My guilty pressure is watching re-runs of The Real Housewives or any show, for that matter, on Bravo
  • When it comes to ice-cream, I am a "cup" kind of person
  • I have been on the background of the Today Show and Extra!
  • One is never too old to color
  • My favorite seasons are fall and spring because "SWEATER WEATHER!"
300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Anticipated December 2019
Down Under School of Yoga​​​​​​​

August 2018
Rolf Gates

 July 2018
Rochelle Jewell, Childlight Yoga

July 2018
Meg Durkin, Childlight Yoga

Yoga & Mindfulness for Children Training (26 hours)
May 2018
Meg Durkin, Childlight Yoga

March 2018
Erica Nunnally, Bija Institute

October 2017
Lara Hocheiser, Flow & Grow Kids Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (20 Hours)
 July 2017
Bec Conant, Om Births

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT
 May 2017
Jacqui Bonwell, Canton Yoga Shala

CPR/AED Certified
March 2017

Balanced Athlete Level I Certification
October 2016
Johnny Gillespie, Balanced Athlete 

 Children's Yoga Teacher Training
February 2016
Kim Taylor, Cardio Kids Yoga

CALM De-Escalation Certification by New England Center for Children
(Safe, effective strategies for preventing and managing challenging behavior)
Teacher Pay Teachers 

(Yoga community comes together to practice seva (selfless service) and has raised over $2,000,000 for the Boston Children's Hospital Wellness Center. The Wellness Center offers reiki, yoga, and other services for patients and families at the hospital.) 

Click here for my yoga resume!​
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